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Wrestling season is just two months away ... a lot of pages at SCMAT now have updates as we get ready for the new season. The Calendar has been updated along with the projected Rankings schedule under each classification link above. Last season's results are now under the History section link for "Season Results".

Check out the "Team-Openings" link above for the new Google sheet with all SC High School Tournaments this season. The SC Coaches have created a great page for everyone, thanks!

This summer SCMAT was able to scan over 40 State Tournament brackets, from the late 1970's through the early 2000's. These brackets have been placed under the History section link for "State Individuals". Many thanks to Coach Mike Frye for providing the majority of these brackets!

SCMAT has a few Recordbooks to complete in order to wreap up last season. Individual Wins and Pins (Career and Season), Collegiate updates, etc. The Recordbooks will be updated over the next month.

The "SC State Champions" project (see below) will be resumed with new updates shortly, after the Recordbooks are finished, so as state champion pages are added for each year we will let you know.

As time permits, SCMAT will continue to add pages at the "SC State Champions" link below for every State Champion in the 50 years of SC high school wrestling:

SC State Champions

South Carolina Wrestling

SCMAT is still in progress expanding the website with content.

As the season starts the focus will be on posting Results, Rankings, News and ongoing calendar updates.

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